2 weeks ago

Macro and Farm Changed

Uber Coins

- Removed from uber store - Purchasing Uber Points are disabled for the moment. (Reconsider later update) - Uber coins that players have can be consumed into uber points - You cannot earn or get uber coins anymore, these will be rare item.

Battleground Changes

- Reward item variations based on player count. - AFK automatic kick after 60 seconds idle. - @reportafk now holds greater value for kicking players - Automatic script check every 15 minutes in background to make sure BG is running!

Macro Farm Changes

- Macro now runs a check after 10 kills first login and 50000 monster kills afterwards. - Failing to answer check will result in 2 hour jailtime. - Completing macro check makes your character dance! - Completing macro check makes your characters say some meme quotes! - Completing macro check now gives you buffs for your character! - Macro check no longer bypassable through any other methods. - Macro check stops any attacks on your character until it is completed.