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XileRO Full
XileRO Patch - New! 6-19-08

Note: It is recommended to download our full installer for error free game play.

If you have any further problems, delete or rename the "neoncube.file" and your entire "data" folder found in your "RO" folder. Then run the updater "XileRO.exe", and it will patch completely, fixing any problems.


Xile's Blog

This is where I will keep everyone updated on what I am currently working on. I posting only recent work, that I plan to add to the game as soon as possible. Check it out! -->>
Xile's Blog - Click Here

Goldy Weapons Introduced - 5-19-08
Here's something you all might like.. A little preview of the up coming "Godly Weapons". This one is the upgraded Retribution sword.. Godly Retribution. There will be many more to come. Enjoy.



Sets Update! - Item Sets

Little Devil Set - Finished! 7-1-08!

The 2 Armor Sets are fully finished. Just check the donation page for your server in the menu on the right, for info on how to get these awesome sets.

PS: Yes, all the base stats, and bonus from each set item stats stack as you add more of the set. You can also mix the sets for crazy stat combos.

Scarlet Angel Set

Emporer's Set


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